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Centre for Analytic Criminology

  • 06Jul

    In this Guest Lecture Clemens Kroneberg will give a talk on recent research into inter-ethnic differences in youth violence.

  • 29Mar

    This lunchtime presentation panel with guests Richard E. Niemeyer, Gabriela D. Roman and Beth Hardie will discuss innovative research methods using virtual and augmented reality to tackle a range of criminological questions and test mechanisms proposed by key criminological theories.

  • 08Jun

    This presentation panel with guest speakers Richard E. Niemeyer and K. Ryan Proctor brought together Analytic and Mechanistic criminologists to dicuss the unique as well as shared contributions of Analytic and Mechanistic criminology to criminological theorizing and theory testing. 

  • 13Nov

    The theme for the meeting is Criminology in the New Era: Confronting Injustice and Inequalities.


    Testing Situational Action Theory I: Individual characteristics and the perception choice process

  • 18Sep


    Exploring and explaining the relationship between gender and crime: New findings from PADS+

    Per-Olof Wikström, Kyle Treiber & Gabriela Roman

    University of Cambridge

  • 07Sep

    Professor Wikstrom will give a key-note speech (plenary) the 7th September 2019 entitled Explaining Crime and Criminal Careers. A Situational Action Theory at the 16th conference on Wissenschaftliche Tagung der Kriminologischen Gesellschaft at the University of Vienna, Austria.

  • 08Jul

    Professor Wikstrom and Dr Treiber will take part the 8-9 July 2019 in a workshop organised by Professor Kroneberg and colleagues on Testing Analytical Theories in criminology and related fields at the University of Cologne, Germany.


  • 14May


  • 12Apr

    Professor Wikstrom will take part in a workshop the 12-13 April 2019 organised by Professor Michael Gottfredson and colleagues on Crime, People and Places (concepts, theory and methodology) at the University of California, Irvine (USA).

  • 27Mar

    Workshop in Brussels