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Centre for Analytic Criminology


Keynote Speeches

Wikstrom, P-O H. (2018) Tillfället gör tjuven eller tjuvar tar tillfället i akt? (Opportunity makes the thief or thieves takes opportunities?). Swedish Royal College of Technology (KTH). Stockholm (Sweden). Key-note speech.

Wikstrom, P-O H. (2017) When violence becomes acceptable. Explaining acts of violence as moral action. Forensic psychology Conference, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena Germany. Key-note speech.

Wikstrom, P-O H., (2016) Situational Action Theory and Its Implications for Creating Effective Crime Prevention. Vejle municipality, Denmark. Local policy-makers and practitioners.

Wikstrom, P-O H., (2016) People, Places and Pathways in Crime. Stockholm Prize Winner Lecture.

Wikstrom P-O H., (2016) Why do young People Commit Crime? University of Gävle. (Sweden). Public Lecture

Wikstrom P-O H., (2016) Character, Circumstances, and Criminal Careers. Home Office International Crime and Policing Conference.

Wikstrom P-O H., (2016) Young People and Crime. National Conference about Youth Services. Social Services Sweden. Key-note speech.

Wikstrom P-O H., (2015) The Dynamics of Crime and its Changes: Implications for policy. University of Cologne. Centre for Macroeconomic Research. Conference on "Public Policy and Social & Economic Behavior", Germany.  Key-note speech.

Wikstrom P-O H., (2015) Increased Security Through Better Crime Prevention. University Centre Saint-Ignatius Antwerp. International workshop on SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE INNOVATION IN SECURITY, Belgium. Lecture.

Wikstrom P-O H., (2015) Young People’s Differential Vulnerability to Criminogenic Exposure. University of Erlangen, Germany.  Lecture.

Wikstrom P-O H., (2015) Exploring and Explaining Crime as Moral Actions. University of Cologne, Germany. Faculty of Law.  Public lecture.

Wikstrom P-O H., (2015) Social Disadvantage and Crime. Department of Sociology. Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. Lecture.

Wikstrom P-O H., (2015)Why Crime Happens. A Situational Action Theory. Drapkin Conference, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. Key-Note Speech

Wikstrom P-O H. (2015) Causes of Crime and Crime Prevention (translating causal claims into policy). Home Office International Crime and Policing Conference. Lecture.

Wikstrom P-O H., (2015) Why do People Commit Acts of Crime?. Centre for Ethics, Law  and mental Health. University of
Gothenburg.  Jubilee conference. Key-note speech.

Wikstrom P-O H., (2014) Space-Time Budget Methodology. Institute for Analytical Sociology. University of Linköping, Sweden. Lecture

Wikstrom P-O H., (2014) Foundations for Effective Crime Prevention. Scandinavian conference on evaluating the effectiveness of prison services. Stockholm, Sweden. Key Note Speech