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Centre for Analytic Criminology


16th Annual conference of the European Society of Criminology, Munster, Germany 2016

 Gabriela Roman, Per-Olof Wikström and Kyle Treiber (2016) Childhood social disadvantage and pathways in crime

 Per-Olof Wikström, Kyle Treiber and Gabriela Roman (2016) Gender, crime and criminal careers

 Kyle Treiber, Gabriela Roman, Per-Olof Wikström (2016) Does labelling matter? A critical discussion of key mechanisms and testable implications

Lieven Pauwels (2016) Seeing and choosing crime: A randomized scenario study of the causes and cause of the causes of the perception-choice process

 Anna-Karin Ivert, Marie Torstensson Levander (2016) Gender differences in young people’s crime involvement - A cross-national comparison of UK and Sweden

 Helmut Hirtenlehner, Johannes Kepler & Kyle Treiber (2016) Can Situational Action Theory Explain the Gender Gap in Adolescent Shoplifting

 Nina-Katri Gustafsson (2016) Problematic alcohol use and its situational causes: Can differences in substance use propensities and substancegenic exposure explain problematic alcohol use?

 Alfonso Serrano-Maillo (2016) The concept of morality and its measurement in situational action theory

 Robert Svensson, Anna-Karin Ivert (2016) Morality and crime: A cross-national comparison of Peterborough and Malmö

 André Ernst (2016) The role of peers in Situational Action Theory: Do pupils of the same grade influence one another in their violent behavior in the school context?

 Kathrin Lämmermann (2016) The interplay between adolescents’ own moral rules and those of their friends: How it influences their tendency to behave violently in the face of provocation (906)


15th Annual conference of the European Society of Criminology, Porto, Portugal 2015

Nina-Katri, Gustafsson (2015) Stability and Change in Young People's Alcohol Use: Interactions Between People and Places

Lau, Pui Yi Mandy &Treiber, Kyle (2015) Tackling the unexpectedly small association between social disadvantage and crime: a meta-analysis 

Barton-Crosby, Jenni (2015) Applying situational action theory to the explanation and analysis of acts of intimate partner violence

Gustafsson, Nina-Katri (2015) Places and differences in young people’s vulnerability: substancegenic exposure and substance use propensity


14th Annual conference of the European Society of Criminology and Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

Wikstrom, Per-Olof (2014) Situational Action Theory. Towards an Analytical Criminology.

Wikstrom, Per-Olof (2014) Crime as Moral Action.

Trivedi, Neema (2014) ‘I ain’t gotta feel bad for him, he’s gotta feel bad for himself’: Lack of shame, guilt and empathy in persistent violent offenders.

Barton-Crosby, Jenni (2014) Sensitivity to provocation and acts of violence: Conceptual and methodological issues.

Jerath, Kritika (2014) Applying SAT to police use of force: Are certain officers in certain settings more prone to using violence?

Mueller-Johnson, Katrin (2014) Sexual attitudes and behaviours: Acceptability and experiences by gender and childhood disadvantage.

Hardie, Beth (2014) When monitoring matters: Parental knowledge, supervision and criminogenic exposure.

Treiber Kyle & Per-Olof Wikstrom (2014) Social disadvantage and crime: A criminological puzzle.

Eifler, Stefanie (2014) The Concept of Situation in SAT: Theoretical and Empirical Analyses of Embezzlement.

Schepers, Debbie (2014) Moral Values as Explination of Adolescent's Deviant and Delinquent behavior: An Application of SAT

Schils, N. & Pauwels, L. (2014) How invariant is the interaction between extremist propensity and exposure to extremist moral settings in sub groups by gender and immigrant background? Testing a leading hypothesis of the Situational Action Theory.

Hirtenlehner, Helmut (2014) On the conditional relevence of controls. The case of shoplifting.


13th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology. Budapest, Hungary

Hardie, B. & Ivert, A.-K. (2013) Parental Monitoring, Supervision, Activity Fields and Young People's Offending: A Cross-National Comparison Using Space-Time Budget Data.

Svensson, R., Torstensson-Levander, M. & Wikström, P-O H. (2013) Morality, Deterrence and Theft: A Cross-National Comparative Study.

Treiber, K. & Svensson, R. (2013) Self-Control, Intoxication and Violence: A Cross-National Comparison of Peterborough and Malmö. 

Wikström, P-O H., Treiber, K., Weerman, F.,Bruinsma, G. & Torstensson-Levander, M. (2013)
Core Elements of theSituational Action Theory: A Cross-National Comparison of the cities of Peterborough, The Hague and Malmö. 

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