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Centre for Analytic Criminology



Kyle  is a PADS+ Research Associate who works  particularly with the neurocognitive andbiopsychological dimensions of the  study. She has been responsible for acquiring and developing the many  psychometric measures used by PADS+ and completed her dissertation, Executive Capabilities and Crime,  using PADS+ data on young people’s executive and emotive control.
    Dr Treiber graduated from the  North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in 1997 and earned her BS in  Psychology and a minor in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of North Carolina  at Chapel Hill in 2001. She moved to Cambridge in 2002 to  undertake her MPhil in Criminology, where she finished top of her class and was  awarded the Lopez-Rey Graduate Prize for her dissertation, Sociobiology and Crime. She went on to complete her PhD, Executive Capabilities and Crime, using PADS+ data in 2008, for which she was awarded the 2008 Nigel Walker Prize.



Her research interests  include evolutionary psychology and behaviourism, the biology of morality and  self-control, and the interaction between individuals and environments.

University Lecture
Deputy Director of PADS+
Dr Kyle  Treiber

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01223 762947
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