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Centre for Analytic Criminology



Dr Gabriela  Roman is a PADS+ Research Associate. Gabriela’s current work is focused on analysing PADS+ participants developmental trajectories from ages 13 to 24.  Gabriela’s expertise lies with data analysis using complex methodology, with a  special interest in structural equation modelling and she currently delivers a  series of courses on the topic.   Gabriela  obtained her BA in Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology at Jacobs  University Bremen (Germany) in 2007 before progressing to an MPhil in Criminological  Research at the Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge in 2008. She  submitted her PhD thesis in Developmental Psychology, at the Centre for Family  Research, University of Cambridge, in December 2012 and was awarded the degree  in May 2013.        


Research Associate
Dr Gabriela  Roman

Contact Details

01223 330681
Not available for consultancy