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Centre for Analytic Criminology



Beth Hardie’s research is grounded in Situational Action Theory (SAT) and as such, takes ahighly analytical approach that integrates individually and environmentally focused explanations of human behaviour. From 2004-2020 she worked at the University of Cambridge with P-O Wikström as research associate and research manager of the Peterborough Adolescent and Young Adult Development Study (PADS+)

She has published two books; ‘Breaking Rules: The Social and Situational Dynamics of Young People's Urban Crime (with Wikström, Oberwittler and Treiber; 2012) an extensive study testing SAT using PADS+ data; and Studying Situational Interaction: Explaining Behaviour by Analysing Person-Environment Convergence" (2020), which details the appropriate methods for empirically testing proposed situational mechanisms. Her PhD research contributed to the development of the role of parental monitoring in the situational model of SATfor which she was awarded the Nigel Walker Prize for distinctive scholarly contribution to the field of Criminology by the Institute of Criminology, University of CambridgeDr Hardie’s work has also appeared in The European Journal of Criminology, The Journal of Quantitative Criminology, Deviant Behaviour, and New Ideas in Psychology. 

Dr. Hardie is currently Acting Managing Editor of the European Journal of Criminology and a visiting scholar at the Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge. She is currently working on collaborations with academic researchers and practitioners from a range of fields to apply her knowledgeanalytical approach and SAT to topics including education, probation, autism, activity and obesity, road safety, and eating disorders.




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Dr Beth  Hardie
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